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organic Plant protein
with delicious superfoods

Premium organic ingredients 
from small pristine organic farms
Like no other protein blend on the market


what are the benefits of plant protein?

Rich Vitality Superfoods in Paw Paw, MI, blends the healthiest ingredients into a protein powerhouse to add to shakes and smoothies. We ship all over the U.S. and everyone, young and old, healthy or ailing, will benefit from our amazing, organic protein blend.

  • You don't have to miss breakfast
  • Quick and easy to blend up
  • Keeps you satisfied until lunch
  • Tastes delicious
  • Fantastic nutrition that satisfies you rather than fills you


Our Rich Vitality Superfood Protein Blend is made up of the following all-natural, organic ingredients. See below for delicious recipe ideas!


ORGANIC PeruviaN Maca

Maca is high in Alkaloids which help reduce acidity in the body. Our bodies often draw minerals out of our bones to compensate for a high acid diet. Maca is known to support proper hormone normalization and balance. It contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and beta-sitosterol, which may help lower how much cholesterol we absorb from the food we eat. It provides B vitamins, and vitamins C and D, plus 19 amino acids. Our blend provides all three Maca varieties; red, yellow, and black. It has also traditionally been known to naturally increase energy, endurance, and libido in men and women – not a bad side-effect!​

ORGANIC PeruviaN Cacao

Wild harvested in Peru from small organic pristine family cacao farms and sun-dried and cold pressed using innovative low-temp processes to preserve nutrient content, this is some of the highest quality cacao on the market.

  • Cacao contains more magnesium than any other food on the planet
  • One of the best Antioxidants on the planet
  • Shown to support long-term memory
  • Helps normalize cholesterol levels
  • Improves heart health, blood pressure, and cholesterol

ORGANIC Himilayan Goji Berry

Also known as Wolfberry, Goji berries have been used in Asian and Northern European countries for their medicinal and health benefits for nearly 2,000 years.

  • Goji has 18 essential amino acids, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, and can help the body manage stress by supporting our adrenal glands
  • Goji berry is some of the highest antioxidant containing food in the world
  • Goji helps boost our immune function
  • Goji is high in polysaccharides which help with cell communication and detoxifying our blood
  • Goji’s provide liver and kidney support
  • Research also suggests that Goji can be useful in fighting chronic inflammation which is linked to heart disease, arthritis, type-II diabetes, Alzheimer’s and dementia​

Organic Coconut Sugar

An organic, non-GMO healthier alternative sweetener made from the coconut palm.​

Organic Brown Rice

Plant-based proteins are easier to digest than animal proteins, require less of your energy to process, and have no fat or cholesterol. Plant-based proteins are alkaline-forming and have no saturated fats, and naturally promote a healthy body weight. They are also better for the environment and free of hormones and antibiotics!

Organic Hemp Protein

  • Hemp seeds are an excellent source of plant-based protein.
  • Hemp is a complete protein providing all 8 amino acids. It provides 21 amino acids in all.
  • Amino acids are crucial for the formation of the important brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine.
  • Hemp provides the proper 3:1 balance of the omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids.

ORGANIC Northern American Barley Grass

  • Improve skin texture and dryness associated with aging
  • Repair the DNA cells in the body supporting longevity and anti-aging
  • Cleanse the lymphatic system and the liver
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce acidity in our bodies as one of the highest alkalinity foods on the planet
  • Protect our bones because calcium and magnesium act as buffers when we eat foods that are acidic
  • Dissolve calcium deposits in the joints
  • Stimulate weight loss and cell metabolism


Shake or blend 3 tablespoons of our product with 10 or more ounces of almond, coconut, or rice milk. Add your favorite juice or fruit. (Tastes great with banana!) 

Rich Vitality Nutrition Facts
Analysis result: Amino Acids per serving: 1.2 OX



"I found that not only is this protein blend delicious and purely organic, it has boosted my energy since I began using it 6 months ago. I also found, and this was important, that it reduced my cravings for carbs, reduced my desire for snacks, and basically helped me avoid overeating later in the day. When I make a smoothie for breakfast, I feel full until lunch time."

L. Greer | Freelance Photographer & Owner Ephemera Photography, Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area - 08/01/2018


"Making my morning smoothie with the Super FoodProtein Blend is my absolute favorite part of the day. Between class, work, strength training and photography I need energy that lasts all day long. It's a great feeling knowing i'm feeding my body 100% organic superfoods that gives me the energy and mental clarity I need to get after it everyday. Thank you for creating the perfect blend to keep me going day after day."

Michael - 08/27/2018


"I love Rich Vitality! I use it as a smoothie, and even put it in my coffee. I have used it to replace regular cocoa in brownies and no-bake cookies. You really have found a great blend that can make everyday treats healthy and unique. My wife also says "thank you, it is an easy way to get nutrition with both of us having busy days. Also it is a quick fix to breakfast."

Garrett - 08/27/2018

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