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Fulvic minerals:
Nature's nutrient
delivery system

nature's miracle molecule

  • Enhances bio-availability and nutrient uptake in the body
  • Improves the body's alkalinity level for better health
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-bacterial

fulvic acid Trace Minerals - what is it?

When plant life perishes, it is returned to the earth where the process of decay begins. Microbes in the soil digest the decaying plant matter; beginning the process of humification. As this process continues, the microbes release organic acids into the soil. These organic acids include humic acids.


Fulvic acid is a type of humic acid that is higher in oxygen than other humic acids. It is also the only humic acid that will stay dissolved at all pH levels. These fulvic minerals act as a nutrient delivery system and are easily-transported across cell membranes, aiding greatly in the bio-availability of the nutrients and water you feed your body. Just add 5 drops per serving!


This amazing ability found in plants is also found in animals and humans that have fulvic acid in their systems. In short, it is nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant and catalyst!

Our Fulvic Liquid Minerals

The fulvic liquid minerals from Rich Vitality Superfoods is packed with bio-active substances with low molecular weight particles and helpful minerals, such as:


Amino Acids - Trace Minerals - Vitamins - And More..


These components are the end product of the decomposition of prehistoric organic matter. They contain extremely complex molecules – including fulvates and humic compounds – and photochemicals that are highly-protective and practically immortal. 


Their secret? These elements were combined and recombined during decomposition and have been digested and re-digested by countless successive generations of animals and microbes. This ultimately makes them one of the most complex natural substances on earth.


Fulvic Rich is so powerful that it contains latent solar energy that is hidden within its molecular structure. It possesses nature’s most bio-organically transferrable molecules, and Fulvic Rich is also partly responsible for the unusual properties and bio-active nature of our Fulvic acid.

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